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My ex-girlfriend wanted to talk to me today, personally. And so the drama comes to an end. It still to painful to see me, so she will not see me again. Not that we have seen each other that often since the break up.

I want to feel a bit sorry for her, since I don’t like to hurt people, but if she thought that she could land some backhanded comments and get to ruin my week, than she had to do better work that the bullshit she tried to get me with. Deep down I know that it is only a defence mechanism but really… Even trying was not nice.

So, she wants to start childish games like: “I won’t go to paries you are invited.” She can do that and kiss my backside. I never thought that someone could that egoistic and self centered. Sometime I really think that she only listens to things she wants to hear and ignores the rest.

I was never happier to have ended that relationship than today.

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